Your Really Saved Me - Dr Graff Foot Ankle and Wound Care | Podiatrist

photo (3)I first visited Dr Graff in January of this year(2014) with a very infected big toe, with an diabetic ulcer. He determined that It went into the bone, and that over half of the tip bone is my big toe was eaten up by the infection. He told me that the toe was in danger of needing to be cut off, but that we'd try hard to save the toe. He aggressively first got an MRI and then got me on IV antibiotics with another great doctor group, ID Doctors, for treating Infectious diseases. I had to get a Pic Line installed for the 8 weeks of daily at home IV thearpy. It was easy so compliance was a cinch. Dr Graff worked hard every week to debride and clean the wound so it gradually got better. The damage to my big toe caused a hammer toe I had on the second toe to get worse, putting more weight on it, so later, he fixed both it and the big toe's up curve(from degeneration of the ligaments runner under the toe from the infection) . As of mid August, I am now fully cured, with all infections gone and surgeries closed. Dr Graff, only late in the treatment, leveled with me on how in danger my toe really was. He said I'd had about a 95 - 98 percent chance, or rather that that percent of Poditrists would have just opted for amputation. He saved my toe, and probably foot, and maybe leg, because I know how those things can progress. I'm 57, overweight, with moderately bad diabetes I've had for probably over 5 years, maybe undiagnosed for more like 10. Dr Graff is the nicest, hardest working, most professional Medical person I've ever been treated by. I wish him, his wonderful family, and staff and cute little girl(I met her at the office one visit), all the best.

Chuck Goecke,