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Wound Care

At Dr. Graff's Foot, Ankle, and Wound Center, we believe the best results are obtained for our patients when we implement the close collaboration and combined efforts of our multidisciplinary team. We bring together our expert physician for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds. This allows us to deliver a superior level of support for both wound care and limb salvage patients.

Our Philosophy of Care

We have a distinct philosophy of care that is rooted in our commitment to our patients in need of wound healing. We are dedicated to offering optimal care while giving our patients the dignity and respect they deserve. We go above and beyond to accommodate our patients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, as we understand that this is an integral part of the healing process.

Our team also believes that proactively identifying and addressing wound care problems within our dedicated clinical center, we can better optimize outcomes for our patients in an affordable manner.
wound_careThere is no longer any reason to live with an open wound. In the United States, chronic wounds affect millions of patients. With Graff Foot, Ankle & Wound Care, we treat these wounds. Our outpatient wound center, provides a unique healing environment for medically complex patients with a broad range of chronic wounds.



With input from physicians in medical specialties such as wound care, infectious disease, podiatry, internal medicine and vascular surgery, our wound care team strives to help each patient reach a high level of independence and functionality.

hyperberic-oxygen-therapyUnder the guidance Dr. Jeremiah Graff, our care teams include nurses with additional training in wound care and hyperbaric medicine and a hyperbaric technician.
The most important members of our treatment team are the patient and his or her loved ones. Because we believe knowledge is power, we give patients and families the information they need to be active participants in the recovery process -- both in making decisions about the plan of care and in setting goals and working to meet them.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical treatment that increases the amount of oxygen in a patient's blood. By surrounding the patient with 100 percent oxygen in a pressurized environment, the chamber stimulates circulation and in many cases, promotes faster and more extensive healing than traditional therapies alone. Our wound care team utilizes an aggressive approach to healing that incorporates the latest technologies in wound care, including:

• Negative pressure wound therapy
• Surgical debridement
• Compression therapy
• Bio-engineered skin grafting
• Prescription growth factors
• Edema management
• Non-Invasive vascular assessment
• Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

The wound care clinic participates in the development, validation and implementation of emerging wound care technologies. These specialized wound care therapies can aid in wound closure, new tissue growth, wound tissue regeneration and much more.


Our multidisciplinary wound care team conducts a diagnostic assessment of each patient before developing an individualized plan of care. Our team specializes in the treatment of:

• Post-surgical wounds
• Pressure ulcers including deep tissue injury
• Arterial ulcers
• Venous ulcers
• Neuropathic and diabetic wounds
• Dehisced wounds
• Complex ostomies
• Wounds associated with lymphedema
• Complications associated with skin and bone infections
• Wounds from diabetes or vascular conditions
• Wounds that have not healed in several weeks
• Post-radiation tissue injury
• Wounds caused by poor circulation or trauma
• Compromised grafts and flaps
• Necrotizing soft tissue infections
• Gangrene
• Carbon monoxide poisoning

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