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Bunion Surgery in Plano, TX

Graff Foot and Ankle has experienced surgeons on staff that can perform bunion correction surgery when needed at our office in Plano, TX. If you have been suffering from pain that so often accompanies this foot condition, surgery can help bring relief. We have assisted many patients, young and older, in regaining their mobility by addressing the problems in the foot that are associated with bunions. 

Signs and Causes of Bunions

A bunion is basically a bump on the first joint of the big toe, and although they can start out small, they also tend to get worse with time. These bumps can form for a number of reasons, including the type of foot you have and any injuries you may have sustained to the foot. Genes can also play a role in who develops bunions, and it is thought that wearing narrow shoes and/or high heels may be a contributing factor as well. Bunions can often be seen by a simple visual inspection of the foot, but the severity of the condition is best established by visiting a doctor that specializes in treating them

Simply having bunions is a risk factor for other foot problems, such as hammertoes and bursitis. Because of this, many people choose to address a bunion even if it isn’t currently causing pain. For those who are already suffering, it’s important to note that this problem doesn’t go away on its own. This is one of the reasons we offer surgical intervention at our facility.

Bunion Treatment

When bunions first begin to appear, many people opt to do things such as change shoes, use orthotics, and ice the area to control pain. This can be enough for some, but others may find they would like to try a more permanent solution, such as surgery. Since each person’s bunions are formed in a unique way, there are several approaches we can use to treat the issue. These range from removing tissue or bone, to align the foot in a more comfortable way structurally. The very first thing we’ll do is schedule a consultation with a prospective patient to explore the options. An experienced physician that specializes in foot care handles each procedure, and a rehabilitation program will also be included as part of the treatment plan.

Surgical treatment of bunions is not without some risks, although for those who are in a lot of pain, these risks are generally less of a concern than the bunions themselves. Surgical correction can result in some scarring, arthritis, and possibly even infection. Naturally, we will take any and all precautions to make sure these things don’t happen, but as with any surgical procedure, there is always a bit of risk involved. We take the time to talk with each patient about the associated risks and rewards involved in bunion surgery in some detail prior to making the final appointment. Our physicians encourage questions and are always happy to talk about any concerns a patient may have. Contact our office in Plano to schedule a consultation.