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Help for Bone Spurs in Foot

Graff Foot and Ankle treat bone spurs in the foot at our Plano, TX, office. Typically we see patients that have tried a number of other types of treatment without success, as surgery is usually the last option. That said, physical removal of the spur can bring a great amount of relief to a patient that has exhausted other forms of treatment.

What are Bone Spurs?

A bone spur is basically an overgrowth of bone in a particular area of the body. These “spurs” often appear in the space between bones, and they can be large or small. Most times they are not visible to the eye, as they are formed underneath the skin, but a variety of medical tests can find them if suspected. These buildups of calcium may be formed in response to a perceived injury, as part of certain diseases, or in response to repeated stress. They are fairly common.

What are the Symptoms of a Bone Spur?

Symptoms of a bone spur can range from nothing at all, to intermittent pain, to sharp pain, depending on the location of the spur, the activity being performed, and the size and location of the spur itself. Some bone spurs may press on nerves or into a soft tissue, further exacerbating the problem. Those that are located anywhere in the foot can be especially troublesome because it’s difficult to avoid aggravating them. At our practice, we see many patients with bone spurs in the foot.

What are the Benefits of Surgery?

Many people live with bone spurs without issue, but if conventional treatment doesn’t work, or the spur is located in an area that experiences repeated stress, surgery can be a good option. For some people, the pain that comes with having a bone spur can become almost unbearable. While we don’t recommend surgical intervention for every patient, we are always here to consult, examine the issues at hand, and give you an informed opinion on what we see.

Preparing for Surgery

Patients who have consulted with a doctor and decided on bone spur surgery will have a consultation prior to the appointment. During this consultation, a doctor will outline the exact steps they will take on the day of the surgery, along with a list of instructions. We ask that patients supply a list of medications, vitamins, and other health products they are taking so we can be fully informed.

On the day of the surgery, the physician will review the steps they will take during the surgical procedure. We encourage our patients to ask any questions they may have at any time throughout the process. Our goal is always to make sure everyone in our care understands the approach we are taking and has his or her concerns addressed prior to any surgery that is to take place. Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss any bone spur issues.